CREST annual consortium meeting

CREST convened its annual consortium meeting in Bordeaux, France, from October 19th to 20th, 2023, focusing on Digital Innovation and Climate Resilience. The meeting aimed to facilitate partner collaboration by sharing progress, addressing challenges, exploring potential solutions, and emphasizing the utilization of digital twin technology for visualizing climate threats.

Key discussions during the consortium meeting encompassed data collection for Key Performance Indicators, the creation of sustainability and resilience frameworks, participatory policy for co-creation approaches through lay citizen surveys and focus group discussions, the workshop for the implementation and utilization of Digital Twin technology, and effective project communication and management. Ongoing engagement with partners providing technological and methodical tools, research, and knowledge support will guide the project partners and stakeholders throughout the implementation of the project.

In a broader context, the Digital Twin concept, essential for efficient decision-making and resource utilization, involves creating a virtual model mirroring a physical object. CREST tailors Digital Twins specifically to urban infrastructures constructing virtual versions using real city data related to climate change threats.

Partners participating: ACCENT SUD, AugmentCity, BSE – Bordeaux University and CNRS, INOVA+, ETTIS – INRAe, IRMiR, Møre and Romsdal County Council.

Read the news published in Norwegian by Møre and Romsdal County here.