CREST Climate Challenges, Citizen Solutions: CREST Project Ignites Action in Kristiansund annual consortium meeting

In a proactive effort towards climate resilience, the Norwegian CREST-team organized a dynamic focus group in Kristiansund municipality on November 9th, 2023. Bringing together a diverse group of nine professionals, the initiative sought to identify and address the most challenging climate threats faced by the city. Participants, spanning various age groups and expertise areas, were strategically invited for their ability to provide a comprehensive approach to the city’s resilience challenges. The spectrum of knowledge covered by participants included environmental protection, city preparedness, water management, spatial planning, road maintenance, rescue services, and health care.

Safeguarding the City Through Local Expertise
The project team unveiled preliminary findings from the citizen survey conducted in Kristiansund, which provided a platform for residents to express their views on climate resilience and challenges faced by the city. Expanding on these insights, participants leveraged their unique perspectives to discuss the most significant climate threats. The identified threats were defined by their enduring impact on the municipality over the years and their anticipated escalation as climate change intensifies.

Diving into Use Cases: Digital Twins in Action
AugmentCity delivered an insightful presentation on use cases, offering interactive examples in the digital twin tool. Demonstrating sincere interest, participants actively engaged by posing numerous thought-provoking questions. Following this session, attendees immersed themselves in pinpointing vulnerable locations on the city map, thereby providing valuable insights into areas most susceptible to climate threats.

Paving the Way for Co-Creation Participants expressed satisfaction with their involvement in CREST and eagerly anticipate the outcomes of this collaborative endeavor. This feedback harmonizes seamlessly with the overarching goal of fostering policy co-creation through a participatory and citizen science approach. Findings from the citizen survey and focus group are crucial for mapping climate resilience challenges and shaping use cases for experiments involving Kristiansund’s digital twin.